The Conscious & Empowered Mom Program

Portrait of a happy woman playing with autumn leaves in forest

Let's face it, being a mom is truly the hardest job on the planet and it holds the greatest responsibility. 

Being a mom can be overwhelming and exhausting and it can seem impossible to have dreams, activities or even a bigger vision for yourself.  

You can have that vision for you.  The deeply fulfilling, productive, 'just for you' aspect of your life.  The best part is: the happier YOU are the more your children can thrive.   

If you're like me, you may have thought that raising happy, successful, healthy, and thriving kids meant that you had to give up you.  That's exactly what I though....and it took me 19 years to realize what a mistake that was.  Luckily I finally discovered that as I did my personal-development work my kids transformed right before my eyes.  

WOW!  All of that self-sacrifice that I had been doing (FOR them) only modeled to them that relationships required self-sacrifice. I was modeling that "I don't matter"  and we all paid the price...

You are constantly modeling to your children.  The old adage, 'do as I say, not as I do', has never worked and it certainly doesn't work with your kids.  

Here's what I learned the hard way:

My kids didn't love themselves as much as I loved them, they loved themselves as much as I loved myself.  

Loving yourself, REALLY loving who you are means standing for your interests, speaking your truth and knowing in your heart that you have the divine right to 'all that is good'.  It means NOT settling.  It means NOT tolerating less than what you really want. It means that you KNOW that YOU matter. 

Do you want your children to know that for themselves?

Of course you do!  But if you're not living self-love,  they're not going to either. They will do what you do...NOT what you say.

The Conscious & Empowered Mom Coaching Program will help you:

  • Identify and release experiences that have been disempowering for you.

  • Help you to see how your children's behavior is a mirror of what is going on within you.  

  • Teach you how to be the powerful and loving leader your children need.  

  • Help you discover the work that makes your heart sing and begin doing that work. 

  • Become the woman you were born to be rather than the woman you were raised to be so that you can raise your children to be who they were born to be. 

Schedule your free consultation and let's discover if the Conscious and Empowered Mom program is right for you.